My name is Bruno "The Major" Mukulu. I was born in DRC Congo in a town called Mbuji-Mayi on the 30th April 1992.

Where I was born is a part of Congo where we there is a wealth of naturally occurring diamonds. Its a tribute called Luba and the language we talk there is called "Ciluba". I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the second born in my family. My father was a diamond dealer and died of disease on 13th march 2006. My mother is my happiness. She is with us and I love her very much.

When I was young I used to watch combat sports, wrestling, judo, boxing, karate... then I decided to try. And I loved it and continued my pursuit of these sports from the age of eleven.

I started with the Japanese Jiujitsu wich is also a mixed martial art based on Judo, karate and submissions, then I went to Karate taekwodo, judo, boxing and finally I find myself in the congolese traditional Mixed Martial Art wich is called "MUKUMBUSU", people were very affraid to do it because it is brutal, and dangerous because there was no rules, anything was allowed, all you have to do is to win. I got my black belt from it after 7 years of practicing.

In June 2010 I came here in Cape Town as a tourist to watch the world cup that's when I find out the other style of MMA here in SA and I was interested to pursue it. It took me only 4 month of training before I took my first fight here in Cape Town. It was very easy for me to start doing MMA here because I have always been a sportman since I was in Congo, always ready to fight and never gave up. I was fighting almost once or twice per month as Amateur MMA in Cape Town until 3 years later i got my pro MMA licence and sign contract with EFC, my first pro and MMA fight was at EFC 23 on the 12 of september 2013

As a pro fighter Fighting is my first job, waking up from the morning until I sleep I do plus or minus 6 to 8 hours of training per day. I love fighting. I use to love the stand up game more than the ground game but now that I am focusing my training on ground game. I am not sure which I like more. Whatever comes first in the fight I take, wherever the fight brings me I go.

I am a family man with a wife and twin girls, I fight to support them and my brothers and sisters and my mother. I am also a personal trainer, a stuntman, film and TV actor and I also sing and make music. I am a complete artist.

My goal is to be the greatest MMA champion in the world. I wanna raise up my country's flag over the world and I believe I will achieve this. I also want to help people from my country who love MMA to get to the competitive level and even to grow also internationally in the martial arts.

As I am a Christan I believe that God is in control of all my need, my will and my future. In God I trust. He never let me down. I give thanks to God for all the opportunities and blessings in my life.